Canoeing & Kayaking Paddles

Sit On Top Kayaking Paddles

Paddles for sit on tops

Paddles for Sit-On-Top kayaking, recreational paddling and inflatable's.

Touring & Sea Kayaking Paddles

Paddles for sea kayaking and touring

Paddles for touring and sea kayaking. Designed to produce more forward momentum with less effort.

White Water

Paddles for white water

Paddles for white water kayaks. Designed for  white water, surfing or general paddling.


Paddles for canoes

Single blade paddles designed for use with open top canoes .  

Paddles come in many different shapes and sizes, to suit your specific paddling needs.

- Kayak paddles have two blades, suitable for sit on tops, touring and whitewater kayaks. Usually constructed from alloy, glass or carbon shafts..


- Canoe paddles have just a single blade and are usually made from alloy or wood, but more advanced paddles can also be made of glass and carbon.


All our paddles are made of tough, durable material to be long lasting and take on all sorts of water. We stock paddles from the likes of Werner, Carlisle, TNP, Feelfree, RUK, Grey Owl, Originz and more. If you have any problems picking out a paddle, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer our expert advice!

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