Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to give you the information you are after. Below we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions, but if there is anything you still need help with get in touch either via email, phone, or in person.

Do you have a showroom where I can see these boats?Frequently Asked Questions Bantry Bay

Yes, we have a large showroom in Bandon. We are open 6 days a week and you are more than welcome to call in for a look around, for advice or a chat. Just visit our Contact Us page for more information.


Do you offer a delivery service?

Yes we do. We can deliver anywhere in Ireland, canoes, kayaks and kit! Delivery normally takes between 5 and 7 working days normally.

What Canoe or Kayak is right for me?

Touring Kayak FAQ'sThere is no one answer to this question. Different people have a different expectation of what their kayak or canoe can do - for some it is gentle fun with the family on slow moving sheltered water, while for others it is distance sea kayaking over several days around the Irish coast. It is in our interest to help put our customer into the boat best suited to their needs, and we are more than happy to talk you through that proccess, whether it is online, over the phone, or in store.

We try at all times to be aware of the range kayaks and canoes available, and to keep a representative selection on the shop floor, so that you have the best possible choice.

What is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

Only the Irish and the English confuse the two. We use the words interchangeably to describe a small floating boat! Canoes, often called Canadian or Open Canoes are usually paddled while kneeling or sitting using a paddle with a single blade. Kayaks on the other hand, are paddled from a seated position using a paddle with blades at both ends of the shaft.

Do I need lessons to use my kayak or canoe?Canoeing at Bantry Bay

If available, we would always recommend that you get some sort of training in your kayak as it saves a lot of effort and improves safety awareness. Ideally, the training should be in the type of kayak you own or intend to buy. We cannot provide training in Bantry Bay Canoes, but we can point you in the direction of companies and clubs that provide training in your area.

What sort of water can I use my sit on top on?

Sit On Top kayaks are one of the most versatile and accessible ways to get out on the water. They are family friendly, and can be used on all sheltered coastlines, slow moving rivers, lakes and gentle surf.

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