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Canoe & Kayak Roof Rack Carriers

At Bantry Bay canoes we have a huge selection of gear to help you move you canoe or kayak on the road. Most paddlers will require a roof rack to transport their canoe, kayak or sit on top, as well as straps and often some sort of kayak carrier.

Canoe Shops Straps for Sale

Now stocking Palm Cam Straps 3.5m & 5.5 m

A pair of either 3.5 or 5.5 meter straps suitable for tying a canoe or kayak to your roof rack. With protective rubber covers‚ suitable for securing loads to roof racks and trailers. EN approved‚ with 25 mm webbing‚ non-corroding galvanised buckles and rubberised buckle cover to protect paintwork and surfaces.


3m (Pair) €17.95
5m (Pair) €20.95


Dagger Car Roof Pads for Sale

CSG Car Roof Pads

Two foam pads with cordura outer cover and velcro designed to protect both boat and roofrack. The shorter ones (40cm) are ideal for using either side of an upright bar. The longer ones are 100cm - ideal for sit on top, or kayak, carried flat on roof bars.


40cm (Pair) €18.95
80cm (Pair) €24.95
Handirack Inflatable Roof Rack for Sale

Handirack Inflatable Roof Rack

Suitable for all cars with four doors, easy to install, pair of straps included. An ideal solution for those wanting a cheap, temporary means of moving their kayak around.


Thule Kayak Stacker 520-1 for Sale

Thule Kayak Stacker | Folding Uprights

A pair of uprights that attach to your roof rack, but can then be folded down out of the way when not in use. For safely carrying two kayaks on edge. Sold as a pair.


Thule Kayak carrier 835-1 for Sale

Thule Hull A Port Kayak Carrier 835-1

Make life easy for yourself, add these deluxe padded J Bars that secure to car roof rack bars for carrying Touring & Sea Kayaks. Sold as a pair.


Thule Folding Kayak carrier 837 for Sale

Thule Hull A Port Pro Kayak Carrier 837

Padded J-Bars for carrying a kayak on its side on your roof rack. The Pro version is able to fold down when not in use allowing you to park your car in the garage without have to remove the carrier and to improve your cars aerodynamics.

Thule Kayak Carrier 873 for Sale

Thule Kayak Hydro Glide 873

A set of four self-adjusting supports - 2 covered with a protective film that makes it simple to slide your kayak onto the roof of the car and 2 adjustable supports of soft rubber which fit the hull snugly and keep the kayak firmly in place. Straps included.

Thule Kayak Carrier 874 for Sale

Thule Kayak Carrier 874

Includes 4 self adjusting rubber supports that flex to fit around the kayak to keep it firmly in place during transit. This carrier is compatible with standard square roof bars and aero bars.


Thule Car Roof Racks at Bantry Bay Canoes for Sale

Thule Car Roof Racks

We sell Thule car roof racks throughout Ireland.

Contact us for further information on 023- 8829771 or by e mail on sales@bantry-bay-canoes.com


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