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Hou Canoes 13

Hou canoes 13

The Hou 13 is a short, lightweight solo canoe and possibly the most fun canoe in the Hou Range.

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Hou Canoes 14

Hou canoes 14

The Hou 14 is a step up from the 13, the extra length provides a higher load capacity and faster straight line speed. The Hou 14 is a good choice for solo paddlers who will occasionally want to paddle with a partner.

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Hou Canoes 15

Hou canoes 15

The Hou 15 has the load capacity to carry all of your equipment for a weekend trip away. The Hou has been designed for maximum paddling and load carrying efficiency.

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Hou Canoes 16

Hou canoes 16

The Hou 16 is much like the 15 but with a longer hull which provides a higher load capacity and a faster straight line top speed.

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Hou Canoes 17

Hou canoes 17

The largest canoe in the Hou range, the Hou 17 is a expedition canoe that perfects the balance between paddling efficiency and load carrying.

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