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From river running to big creeking to hitting the local playspot. Towlines, throwlines, airbags, karabiners and more. We stock equipment from Palm,Yak, Pyranha, HF, Jackson and more. If there is anything you are after that you can't see here do get in touch.


HF Weasel 18m for Sale

HF Weasel 18m

The HF Weasel is a compact throw bag. It has 18m of 7.5mm high quality floating rope, nice to throw, good handling characteristics and easy to repack


HF Compact Hirty for Sale

HF Compact Thirty

A 30m rope which is suited for longer reach rescues. This has the same rope as the HF Weasel to keep the weight and bulk down.


HF Swifty Rescue Belt for Sale

HF Swifty Rescue Belt

A waistbelt which is compatible with HF Weasel. A quick release system means your throw bag is to hand quickly and easily.


Palm React 3m Towline

Palm React 3m Towline

A waist mounted towline constructed to meet the demands of daily safety and rescue use. Featuring an easy pack bag‚ as well as a vent mesh liner for comfort and flotation.


Palm Cow Tail for Sale

Palm Cow Tail

A fast deploying elasticated attachment for use with PFD harness systems. Allows users to clip themselves into rescue systems. Without karabiner to allow for a variety of different uses.


Palm 4M Safety Tape for Sale

Palm 5m Safety Tape

5m length of rescue tape. Ideal for short tows and multiple rescue situations.


Palm Wire Gate Karabiner for Sale

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

Alloy body wire snap gate karabiner for safety and rescue, technical water rescues, swiftwater rescue courses. Accommodates rope diameters of up to 12.5mm and will fit around paddle shaft. Anodised aluminium tested to 2200Kg


Palm Screw Gate Karabiner for Sale

Palm Screw Gate Karabiner

Ideal for safety and rescue, technical water rescues, & swiftwater rescue courses.
Anodised aluminium tested to 2200Kg.


Palm Snake Sling for Sale

Palm Snake Sling - 4m

Versatile safety tape‚ which will do the job of prussik‚ towing sling or anchor. Made from strong tubular nylon webbing‚ its two sewn end loops can be joined with a karabiner to make a continuous loop‚ or left apart as a 4 m straight sling.


25mm tubular nylon tabe

Weight: 184g

10kN static breaking strength

4m length


RUK Buoyancy Bags - 65cm

RUK Buoyancy Bags

  • 65, 85 & 95cm options
  • Plastic coated nylon which is tough and durable
  • Twist valve
  • Sold as a pair


Palm Heavy Weight Float Bag

Palm Heavy Weight Float Bag - 30L

Heavy-duty floatation airbags with screw lock valves‚ shaped to fit modern kayaks. Install these in your kayak to prevent water filling the boat in the event of a capsize.

  • Materials: Nylon 70D, PVC coating
  • Weight: 280g
  • High frequency welded seams
  • Dimensions: 92 x 48 cm - 30 L volume
  • Heavy duty abrasion resistant fabric
  • Screw lock air valve
  • Quick deflation dump valve
  • Securing eye


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