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Sit on Top kayaks are hugely adaptable, meaning you can add all sorts of bits and pieces to make your time out on the water as enjoyable as possible. Keep yourself comfortable with one of our seats, or add more control with leg straps. Keep yourself dry with scupper bungs and stop your paddles escaping with an accessory leash. We have a huge range of Sit on Top equipment, and even more available to us. If you aren't sure if an item will fit your boat or are after something you can't see here Feelfree to get in touch and we will give you a hand.

FeelFree Canvas Seat for sale

Feelfree Canvas Seat

Provides back support and cushion and fits any Sit On Top with deck eyelets. There is a small zipped pocket on the back of the seat for keeping your essentials close.


FeelFree Delux Seat for Sale

Feelfree Deluxe Seat

You only have to sit into this to consider it well worth the money. Rigid cushioned back provides extra support & it has a lovely padded seat. Fits any Sit On Top Kayak with deck eyelets.


FeelFree Alloy Paddle  for Sale


Feelfree Angler Seat

Like the Feelfree Deluxe, the Feelfree Angler seat is super comfortable for all you hard working anglers, but fitted with two rod holders, so that you can paddle out to your favourite fishing spot with your fishing rods safely stowed.They fit any sit on top kayak fitted with deck eyelets, such as the Feelfree Nomad.


Feelfree Kingfisher Seat

Feelfree Kingfisher Seat

The Feelfree Kingfisher Seat is the most comfortable sit-on-top kayak seat available.

The backrest section has an internal skeleton to prevent sagging when in use, and can be adjusted to fit the paddler perfectly. The Seat weighs 1.97kg and it's back is 48cm high. It is included as standard with the Moken 12.5 angling kayak.


Padded Leg Straps for Sale

Feelfree Padded Leg Straps

Leg straps can provide extra control when paddling. They are padded for comfort, and fit any Sit on Top kayak with deck eyelets or moulded attachment points.


FeelFree Bungee Leash for Sale

Feelfree Paddle Leash

Keep your paddle safe and secure on the water. Secure to any attachment point.


FeelFree Skeg for Sale

FeelFree Skeg

Fits easily to the bottom of any FeelFree Kayak, giving you that extra boost in tracking for tougher conditions.


FeelFree Scupper Bungs for Sale

FeelFree Scupper Bungs

Pair of plugs to put in the scupper bungs in your Feelfree Nomad, Gemini, Corona or Moken.


Universal Scupper Bungs for Sale

Universal Scupper Bungs

Rubber drain plugs to fit all makes of Sit On Top Kayaks, aids in preventing water getting on deck while fully loaded on flat waters making for a drier paddle.  Available in three sizes.


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