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Keeping yourself safe on the sea and on longer day trips is vital to making your paddling experience as enjoyable as possible. With heaps of equipment to choose from, we supply Deck bags, Hydration pack, Bilge pump, Compass, Paddle Float, Tide Tables and even more in store, from names such as P&H, Venture Kayaks and Northwater.

Palm 10m Ocean Pro Tow Line for Sale

Palm 10m Ocean Pro Town Line

A quick-deploy towline with 10 metres of heavy duty floating rope attached to a shock absorber. The rope packs easily into a pocket that is mounted on a vent mesh belt holder. Designed to be used in Sea Kayaking. It is suitable for towing tired or injured paddlers on calm sea. One waist size.


Quick Release Tow for Sale


Quick Release Tow

This sleek, compact tow line unfolds to make a large wide-mouth bag that is easy to re-stuff in rough water conditions. The adjustable anchor system lets you tow from any length up to 55 feet. It can be used with its own quick-release belt or can be attached to any PFD with a quick release belt.


Northwater Sea Tec Rescue Stirrup for Sale

Northwater Sea Tec Rescue Stirrup

A Rescue Stirrup to assists you out on the water should you find yourself out of your boat. An essential safety item, the 14ft adjustable length provides a variety of attachment options for both assisted and self rescue.


Northwater Peaked Deck Bag

Northwater Peaked Deck Bag

The NorthWater Peaked Deck Bag is a great choice for those who want quick and easy access when sea kayaking. With a single slot, wide opening giving you simply access for those essential items. Contoured to fit the shape of the kayak, with a polyethlene liner to keep the bag's shape. Tapered design renders less win and wave resistance. With Criss Cross Bungy straps and side mesh pockets for even more storage space.


Northwater Expedition Deck Bag

Northwater Expedition Deck Bag

A large, easy to install deck bag from Northwater that sits and stores gear comfortably. Webbing and buckles let you attach gear to the sides and large zip openings and small mesh pockets in front mean you won't leave shore without everything you need. Easy to remove off the water, and contoured to follow the profile of your kayak.


NRS Foam Paddle Float

NRS Foam Paddle Float

A paddle float is an essential piece of safety gear. The NRS Foam Paddle Float secures easily to your paddle blade by sliding the blade into the nylon fabric pocket on the back. A webbing buckle on the front secures the paddle to the float. Your paddle acts as an outrigger support when the other blade is secured to your boat. 


NRS Bilge Pump Ireland

NRS Bilge Pump

The floating NRS 21" bilge pump can bail out your boat and bail you out of a bad situation in no time.

  • The full length foam float ensures it won't sink if you drop it in the water.
  • Pumps 8 gallons per minute for quick emptying of your boat.


Aquabound Bilge Master

Aquabound Bilge Master

 In a water fight, a BilgeMaster pump does what any kayak pump will do. But when you're fighting for survival, it's in a class by itself.

  • High-Volume - expels one gallon in less than 8 pump strokes (17" model)
  • Hose Fitting - designed to easily accommodate hoses with 1" inner diameter (ID)
  • Floatable - high density foam sleeve
  • Strong - stainless steel piston rod
  • Easy to see - eye-grabbing colors
  • Easy to use- ergonomic T-grip, sleek profile
  • Attachable- modeled eyelet


Silva 58f Kayak Compass for Sale

Silva 58f Kayak Compass

The 58F is a very stable, rugged compass for flush mounting. The flat bottom plate means no need for making big holes. The 58F can either be mounted with screws or the shock cord kit supplied.


Silva 70p Kayak Compass for Sale

Silva 70p Kayak Compass

The 70P is a deck-mounted compass. Its compact size makes it easy to install,
This compass fits into the recess of the P+H Capella as well as various other sea kayaks. From vertical to 30° slope mounting.


Northwater Paddle Britches for Sale

Northwater Paddle Britches

Paddle Britches allow a sea/tour kayaker to confidently store a spare paddle within easy reach. If you’re a fisherman you can also secure the end of your fishing rod with a handy adjustable reflective loop and then tuck your primary paddle into the loop while reeling in a fish. Built of 1000 weight Cordura the openings are angled and re-enforced to remain open and instantly drain water. They attach to any sea/tour kayak using existing deck lines.


Northwater Coiled Paddle Leash for Sale

Northwater Coiled Paddle Leash

This deluxe paddle leash allows you to free up both hands when needed without the chance of losing a paddle. The high-quality coil stretches from 1.5 to 5.5 ft. and snaps back to its original shape. The snap hook clips securely on to a deck line, while 1.5" webbing with hook and loop securely wrap around the paddle shaft. Stainless steel swivels on both ends eliminate twisting and help ensure the product’s long life.


Northwater Sea Tec Bungy Lead for Sale

Northwater Sea Tec Bungy Lead

This efficient paddle leash frees up both hands when needed without the risk of losing your paddle.


Icom IC-M25 EURO VHF Radio

Icom IC-M25 EURO VHF Radio

Great features mixed with style are the traits of Icom’s new IC-M25 buoyant marine VHF radio which floats and flashes when dropped into the water. Sporting an elegant slim design, this new model has the lightest body in the market for a floating VHF radio….just 220g. New for an Icom, this new radio has a tidy USB connector for convenient charging from a variety of electronic devices!


  • Slim, lightweight, easy to use
  • USB charging (Micro-B USB type)
  • 11 hours operating time
  • Buoyant with flashing red LED
  • Large LCD and simple user-interface
  • 5W RF output and 550mW audio
  • Optional HM-213 waterproof speaker microphone


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